ultrasoundThis treatment should not be confused with diagnostic ultrasound, often used in prenatal screening, but is instead a therapeutic procedure that utilises sound waves to treat injured muscles, joints, and soft tissues.

The sound waves vibrate the tissues back and forth at the cellular level, creating a deep, micro-massage effect, which helps to increase local circulation. In the case of a recent injury, this helps to decrease scar tissue, and adhesion formation, which would otherwise interfere with the body’s healing process. The sound waves also decrease inflammation by destroying unwanted inflammatory cells.

Therapeutic ultrasound also accelerates healing by stimulating the activity of the cells responsible for cellular and tissue repair. In chronic cases, special settings are used to create a deep-heating effect, heating the tissues far below the skin’s surface. This heat, along with the vibrations that are caused by the ultrasound, helps to “melt away” the muscle spasms, trigger points, and “knots” felt in our muscles.