Cold Laser TherapyLaser therapy (also called “cold laser”) is a new and exciting technology which has been proven to be remarkably safe, painless, and effective in treating both acute injuries and chronic pain of various kinds.

It is especially effective in treating carpal tunnel syndrome, and other potentially stubborn, persistent, and “difficult-to-treat” conditions, including back pain, neck pain, arthritis, TMJ, plantar fasciitis, and other joint and muscle pains.

Therapeutic lasers work by supplying energy to the body in the form of photons of light. The tissues and cells then absorb this energy, where it is used to accelerate the normal rate of tissue healing.

Anti-inflammatory Action: Laser light reduces swelling, leading to decreased pain, less stiffness, and a faster return to normal joint and muscle function.

Rapid Cell Growth: Laser light accelerates cellular reproduction and growth.

Faster Wound Healing: Laser light stimulates fibroblast development and accelerates collagen synthesis in damaged tissue.

Reduced Fibrous Tissue Formation: Laser light reduces the formation of scar tissue, leading to a more complete healing, with less chance of weakness and re-injury later.

Increased Vascular Activity: Laser light increases blood flow to the injured area.

Stimulated Nerve Function: Laser light speeds nerve cell processes which may decrease pain and numbness associated with nerve-related conditions.

While some patients get immediate results, others require 6-10 treatments before seeing a lasting effect. Less severe or acute injuries will require fewer treatments than chronic or severe conditions.