What To Expect

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My main goal is to get the best results as quickly as possible. In order to accomplish this and address your needs, I have designed a number of different types of chiropractic appointments:

Part of the process is for all new patients to complete a health and medical questionnaire upon entering the office or online prior to attending the office. This will give me valuable information about your health history and your condition.

Initial Consultation

evaluating-xrayYou can expect in your first consultation that I will review the health and medical questionnaire with you, asking lots of questions to get the clearest picture of where you’re at overall, and to learn exactly what “true health” looks like for you, so we know what we’re aiming for. Then, I will move onto all the important investigations such as orthopaedic, chiropractic examinations, neurological exams, and postural and physical tests will be performed as well. If additional tests or scans are required such as x-rays at this point in time, I will let you know as they will help me identify the underlying problem.

Once this information is gathered, it will give me an in depth insight in determining if there is a problem and, if so, what approach to take. Most importantly, it will let us both know if you are in the right place to get the care that you need, or if not, I will refer you to the appropriate health practitioner. Either way, I am going to help you.

Second Consultation

Once the information is collated and examinations performed, you will receive a personalised and detailed report of all findings. I will discuss the next step in your care and also advise you if your condition requires a referral to additional specialists. At the conclusion of this consultation, you will receive your first treatment. This may include a chiropractic adjustment, physical therapy, and/or soft tissue treatment. Treatment is interactive so you can express concerns about the different types of treatment any time.

Care Plan

After reviewing your health history, present condition, and examination of your spine, I will discuss recommendations for your specific requirements and goals going through the care plans to provide you with the best treatment and care program for your needs. I will also answer the following questions

  • favicon How can I help you?
  • favicon How often do you need to come in?
  • favicon What will my treatment cost?